Managing your account

image of man looking at his smartphone at his desk

We know you may not have earned points yet, but they'll start adding up soon and you'll want to keep track of your account.

Account summary

From flights taken to points earned or redeemed, your account summary tracks it all — take a quick tour in our Account Summary guide.

Key points to know

  • Points post within 2 to 3 days of the flight
  • Points expire two calendar years after they are earned

Existing reservations

Don't forget that you can add the account number to an existing reservation. Simply email Business Extra customer service at or call 800-457-7072 to have your number added.

Flight credit requests

Did an employee fly since you joined the program and forgot to add your account number to their reservation? No problem. You can submit credit requests online for flights flown within the last 12 months (as long as the flights were taken after program enrollment).

This is the fourth part in our new member education series. Up next is Redeeming points. See the full series here.