Flight awards

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Flight award types

Enjoy access to destinations worldwide on American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia with three different flight award types:

PlanAhead awards

  • Round-trip travel on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and American Eagle®

  • Limited seat availability and travel embargo dates

  • Change fees apply once ticketed

  • Awards start at 2,000 points

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Anytime awards

  • Round-trip travel on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and American Eagle®

  • Last seat availability and no inventory restrictions or travel embargo dates

  • No change fees

  • Awards start at 5,000 points

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Partner awards

  • Round-trip travel on partner airlines British Airways and Iberia

  • Can be combined with both PlanAhead and Anytime awards, but must include at least one flight segment on British Airways or Iberia

  • Additional fees may apply

  • Awards start at 3,000 points

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How to redeem points for flight awards

As a travel manager, you have two choices when redeeming points.

Redeem points for a certificate to use at a later time

If your employees book their own award travel, you can forward them the certificate to use to book their next business trip.

Redeeming points for a flight award is a two step process.

  1. From the Flights tab on the Redeem Points page, choose American or Partner, award region, and cabin of service from the award chart and select 'Redeem Now'. You'll receive a flight certificate via email. Watch a demo »

  2. Convert the flight certificate into travel online at business.aa.com Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines or by phone:

Redeem points for travel using points as currency

As a Business Extra travel manager, you can skip the certificate step by simply logging in to businessextra.com and clicking 'Book Award Travel'. Once the reservation is booked, the points will be deducted directly from your Business Extra account.

  1. Log into businessextra.com

  2. Click Book Award Travel (upper right corner)

  3. Select 'Business Extra Awards'

  4. Book the flight—you can select PlanAhead or Anytime during the booking process

  5. At checkout, choose 'Redeem points from Account'

For step-by-step instructions on how to book award travel, check out our Travel Arranger Guide.

Flight certificate Q & A

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