Redeeming points

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You may not have points to redeem just yet, but they'll add up quickly as your employees fly. An Admirals Club® One-Day Pass can be redeemed with only 300 points (or $1,500 of airline spend). Let's get you ready to redeem.

Types of awards

From round-trip travel and premium cabin upgrades to Admirals Club® memberships and AAdvantage® Gold status. Learn all about your award options so you're ready when it's go-time.

Redeeming points for awards

As a travel manager, there are two ways you can redeem points for a flight or upgrade award:

  • When booking employee business travel, you can redeem points during checkout, or
  • Redeem points for a flight or upgrade certificate to use at a later date

For Admirals Club® and AAdvantage® Gold status awards simply designate a recipient at redemption. The membership or status will be available within 1 to 2 business days.

Congratulations, you've completed the new member education series and you're ready to make the most of membership.