Business Extra® Corporate Card Rebates

All American Express® / Business Extra® Card Members will continue to receive a 4% rebate on flown eligible American Airlines travel or a 1% rebate if the company has a corporate negotiated fare discount program and/or books travel through the American Express Mid-Market Direct travel agency program.[1]

In addition to the standard rebate, companies that receive a 4% rebate and use a registered travel agent can now earn an additional 1% or 2% rebate on eligible American Airlines airfare purchases made each year with their Business Extra Corporate Card.[2]

We know it's good to get extra — which is why we also raised the rebate cap from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 and made even more flights eligible to earn rebates — but before you can start earning, we need you to opt-in.

There are two documents companies need to sign and return to participate

An authorized representative of your company (such as the Business Extra Travel Manager and/or the American Express ® Program Administrator) must complete and return two new enrollment documents, the Additional Rebate Program Terms and Conditions (ARPTC) and Data Release Authorization (DRA). We've tried to make this process as simple as possible, but please do not hesitate to contact Business Extra Customer Service at if you have any questions about the enrollment process.

The ARPTC details how the program works and collects some information about your company and your travel agency, including a signature from the authorized representative acknowledging they've read and agreed to all the Additional Rebate Program terms and conditions. You will need to print, complete, and return the form to

Download the Additional Rebate Program Terms and Conditions and Enrollment Form »

Once we receive your completed ARPTC, we will use the information you provide to update your Business Extra profile (in case any of your information has changed) and to create a customized DRA that we'll email to the address you provide on the form.

The DRA authorizes your travel agency to share your airline ticketing data with PRISM, a third-party data aggregator that processes your data and masks certain data elements before sharing it with American Airlines. We use your data to calculate the additional rebate (if any) your company will earn based on your flight activity each quarter. Because some travel agencies have specialized instructions for processing DRAs, we will send each Business Extra Corporate Card customer a personalized DRA that will look similar to this sample.

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