The booking tool for Business Extra awards

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As a Business Extra travel manager, you can shop and book award travel using a flight certificate, or redeem points directly for travel and skip the certificate step. Either way, no need to call (unless you want to).

Ready to book award travel?

  1. Log in to
  2. Click 'Book Award Travel' (upper right corner)
  3. Start shopping and booking
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Have employees with certificates already in hand?

Flight certificates

Direct them to to turn those flight certificates* into travel online.

Upgrade certificates

Employees can also request upgrades online once their reservation is ticketed**.

No login, no profile and no phone calls. It's that easy.

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* Travelers cannot redeem points for travel directly as this requires a Travel Manager Business Extra Login with access to point redemptions.
** Business Extra upgrade certificates cannot be used in conjunction with Business Extra flight award travel.