American's Small Business Customer Spotlight

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American supports businesses of all sizes with various travel programs and services, including the Business Extra program; our complimentary loyalty program that reduces travel costs for small and mid-sized companies while allowing employees to continue to earn their AAdvantage miles. See below how Business Extra customers are taking their business to new heights.

Genesco Sports Enterprises

Employees of Genesco

Genesco Sports Enterprises is an innovative sports, entertainment and music consulting company headquarted in Dallas TX.

"With 12 offices across the US and a global network of partners, travel is crucial for us. Joining Business Extra in 2004 has allowed us to minimize travel expenses and expand our travel policy. We are able to reach more clients, send employees to conferences to advance management skills and gain deeper connections in the sports industry, so we can design client programs which plan ahead for the next decade, not just today."

— John Tatum, CEO & Co-founder
Business Extra member since 2004

Mother Beverage

Founders of Mother Beverage

Mother Beverage, from Dallas TX, is an apple cider vinegar drink infused with fruits, berries, and herbs.

"Nowadays, traveling is essential to startups and businesses. Back in December 2016, the company was brand new and we also had a 6-week old baby. But it didn't stop us from flying to Los Angeles to compete at the BevNet 2016 New Beverage Showdown and walk away with 1st place. Without this opportunity and this victory, Mother Beverage would have been much different today."

— Allison & Stephen Ellsworth
Business Extra member since 2018

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Founders of Care+Wear

Care+Wear, based in New York, is the leading global provider of innovative healthwear focused on creating positive patient experiences.

"A couple years ago, while flying on American to a Healthcare conference, I accidentally left my business suits in the closet on the plane. The flight attendant went out of her way to track me down and return the suits to me using the dry cleaning slip. Without her help I would not have been able to participate in the conference — That's true customer service! We have the same dedication for patients around the world, we hope to show the world that what you wear affects how you feel, which, in turn, affects how you heal."

— Chat Razdan & Susan Jones
Business Extra member since 2018

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gaan + co

Founders of gaan + co

gaan+co, based in Chicago, IL, takes the hassle out of packing and traveling with on-the-go all-natural mosquito repellent wipes and aluminum-free deodorant towelettes.

"While traveling in Vietnam and Cambodia, we were eaten alive by mosquitoes and didn't have any travel size bug spray due to self-imposed packing restrictions. That's when we had the idea of bug spray in a wipe format. When we came home, we put all our efforts into building gaan, a brand that speaks to everyday adventurers, and reminding ourselves (and our customers) that attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal."

— Siobhan Hogan & Hillary Fischer
Business Extra member since 2018


Founders of Chomps

Chomps, based in Naples, Florida, creates healthy, tasty and sustainably-sourced jerky snack sticks for everyone to enjoy.

"We were surprised to hear how American Airlines is so supportive of small businesses. Travel is essential to land partnership and deals. From flying out to Dallas to meet with 7-11, a retailer, to a flight out to L.A. for a natural foods trade show, every trip is an opportunity to form personal connections and bring our company mission to life in a meaningful way."

— Peter Maldonado & Rashid Ali
Business Extra member since 2018


Founders of 1MORE

1MORE delivers revolutionary headphones to all music lovers.

"We created 1MORE to make headphones that will move audiophiles. To succeed we formed strong business relationships with our suppliers and met with subject matter experts to understand every design and technology piece. This required a lot of traveling; hours up in the air are precious and in-flight wi-fi is essential to continue working the same way I do on the ground."

— Gary Hsieh, Howard Yu, Frank Lin & Channing Zhang
Business Extra member since 2018

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