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The travel loyalty program that rewards companies for their travel spend

Another loyalty program? Yes, but the Business Extra program rewards the company as well as the individual flyer, providing real value to loyal companies in the form of reduced travel expenses. When employees fly, they earn their individual AAdvantage® miles, and member companies earn points that can be redeemed for travel awards, including:

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One-Day Passes

The benefits of Business Extra

There's no cost to join and there's no catch. Companies with at least 2 employees earn 1 point for every $5 spent on flights on American, British Airways, Iberia and Japan Airlines, as well as codeshare flights on Finnair and Qantas1.

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Rewards start as low as 300 points, and since points are valid for two calendar years, they can really add up over time.

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Turn your next flight into an upgrade

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That's right - simply enroll in the Business Extra program using code 21MAR650 before March 31, 2021 and fly within 90 days with your new Business Extra number and your company will earn 650 Business Extra bonus points - that's enough for a one-segment upgrade2.

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Earn points with every booking - Update your profiles

Make sure your travelers add your company's Business Extra number to their individual profile by logging onto AA.com and selecting "Your account" and clicking "Edit Account". Next, click "Reservation preferences" and add the new Business Extra number under "Booking preferences".

It's that simple to turn company traveler into company rewards.

Need more convincing? Hear it from our members

image of owners of Gondola Adventures

Being part of Business Extra® improves our travel experience with elite status and increases employee satisfaction by sending gondoliers to compete at the US Gondola Nationals.

— Greg and Elisa Mohr
Gondola Adventures
Business Extra member since 2005

image of owners of Hickies

Becoming a Business Extra® member has allowed us to set up more in-person meetings with potential partners.

— Gaston Frydlewski
and Mariquel Waingarten
Business Extra member since 2013

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