Real value for companies with air travel

Another loyalty program? Yes, but this one rewards the company as well as the individual flyer. So everyone wins. The Business Extra program provides real value to loyal companies with at least two flyers in the form of reduced travel expenses. When employees fly, they earn their individual AAdvantage® miles, and member companies earn points that can be redeemed for travel awards, including:

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One-Day Passes

Business Extra points for your companyAAdvantage miles for your travelersTravel rewards for everyone!

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Loyalty = rewards

There's no catch. Companies earn 1 point for every $5 spent* on flights on American, British Airways and Iberia, as well as codeshare flights on Finnair, Qantas and Japan Airlines.

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to enroll
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as low as
300 points
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If your company is flying and not a member, they're leaving money on the table

Business Extra is is free to join and there's no minimum spend requirement. Join the hundreds of thousands of other businesses who are getting more value out of every mile their employees fly, and sign up today.

Ready to start saving?

Take these three simple steps:

Join today and get your company's Business Extra number.

Add your Business Extra number when booking travel on
American and partner airlines to earn points.

Redeem points for travel rewards — valid for two calendar years.

Customer spotlight

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Haggar Clothing Co.

See how Haggar uses Business Extra to help their bottom line.

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*Countries/regions in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda may be subject to different terms and conditions.